Trisha Goddard: Miriam’s Love Triangle & Who Fathered Which Baby?


Trisha Goddard: Joe Suspects His Girlfriend Of Cheating

Briana told Trisha Goddard she fell in love with Joe three years ago and she has been in love with him since. But she made a huge mistake a few years ago. She cheated on Joe with another man and got pregnant. Despite the cheating, Joe and Briana decided they would stay together and Joe agreed to raise the child just like it was his own.

Fast forward a few years and Joe and Briana have decided to have a child together. While everything seemed great after the child was born, Joe is now starting to have second thoughts about whether the second child is his. He thinks Briana has cheated on him again and had a second baby with another man.


Trisha Goddard: Miriam's Love Triangle & Who Fathered Which Baby?

Trisha Goddard April 12 2013 is talking with Miriam about the love triangle she has landed herself in and Joe suspects his girlfriend has cheated…again.

Could his suspicions be right? Trisha Goddard is sitting down with the couple to go over the facts and to read off the results of a DNA test which could prove Joe’s suspicions of infidelity correct.

But that isn’t all Joe has to worry about. Briana’s twin sisters, Lakresha and Lakendra, both say it is time for Joe to step it up and take care of both children even if they are not his. They say they are tired of caring for the children when it is not their responsibility.


Trisha Goddard: Miriam’s Love Triangle

Miriam is caught in a nasty love triangle and she no idea what to do.

Miriam told Trisha Goddard that she is at a crossroads with her boyfriend Sadaris. Her boyfriend is accusing her of cheating on him with her best friend, Derrick. He is even going so far as to say the child he has with Miriam may be Derricks and not his.

Trisha Goddard is making them all take a DNA test April 12 2013 to find out who is lying and who is telling the truth. And most importantly, she is going to find out who the father of the baby really is.


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