Trisha Goddard: Man Gives Girlfriend STD Then Claims Memory Loss


Trisha Goddard: Man Claims Memory Loss After Accident

Nikki is realizing her worst fears. She just contracted an STD and she thinks it came from her boyfriend Mike, who she says is a lying, dirty cheater. She says Mike has been sending women very risque notes on the internet and she also believes he has followed up with those notes and met with these women.

Trisha Goddard: Man Gives Girlfriend STD Then Claims Memory Loss

Trisha Goddard May 23 2013 talked with one man who gave his girlfriend an STD but claims a car accident causes memory loss so he doesn’t remember.


How else could she have gotten the STDs? She claims she is not the one cheating and it is Mike for sure.

So if they know what is going on, why are they on Trisha Goddard?

Mike might not even know he is doing anything wrong. After a terrible car crash Mike claims he has severe memory loss and can not remember any of the things Nikki is talking about. He denies being a cheater. He denies talking with other women. He even denies giving Nikki an STD.


Could it all be a lie? How hard could it be to say you forget everything after a car accident? I don’t know if I buy it and I know Nikki doesn’t buy it. She is all for Trisha Goddard sending  her boyfriend to get a lie detector test.

Birthday Present Ends with a Baby

Messina wanted to give her husband the ultimate birthday present so she found another women, Meagan, and had a threesome with her husband. While the intercourse was consensual, it seems Messina used all her money on Meagan and didn’t have any left to buy condoms because three weeks after the event occurred, Meagan was pregnant.

Messina’s husband doesn’t believe the child is his but Meagan is insisting it is. She wants a paternity test and she wants Messina’s husband to help her take care of the child. While the children could be his, Messina suspects Meagan is simply trying to steal her man after such a fun night together.

Regardless of what everyone else things, Trisha Goddard has the paternity test to prove who the child belongs to.


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