Trisha Goddard: Lunch Meat Rapper Or Cheater & Sandra’s Fairy Tale


Trisha Goddard: Cheating Rapper Lunch Meat

On March 29 2013, Trisha Goddard is a testament to why I love silly therapist shows. Trisha talks to two men that are accused of cheating. Sharika has reason to believe that her husband Glenell, a.k.a. “Lunch Meat,” is cheating on her. Then, Sandra thinks her fiancé Eddie is a second chance at love. Or is he just a dirty, rotten cheater?

Trisha Goddard: Lunch Meat Rapper Or Cheater & Sandra's Fairy Tale

On March 29 2013, Trisha speaks to Lunch Meat, a rapper whose wife thinks he is cheating. Also, Eddie was caught red handed and pantsless by his fiancé. Did he cheat? (Aija Lehtonen /


Trisha Goddard: Lunch Meat The Rapper

Or should I say, Lunch Meat the “Wrapper?” I can’t believe Trisha didn’t make fun of that. He really is a rapper and his wife thinks he is a dirty cheater. He took out a $5,000 student loan that Sharika thinks was spent on ladies of the night and female escorts. Trisha pulls out the lie detector and the results seem to confirm Sharika’s suspicions.

Trisha Goddard: Sandra’s Fairy Tale

Sandra thought her fiancé Eddie was a second chance at true love. She fantasized spending the rest of her life with him. Until her fairy tale was shattered when he cheated on her. Sandra said she recently saw Eddie come out of a shed with a woman, putting their clothes back on. She wants to get to the bottom of this twisted tale. Did Eddie admit to his fiancé that he did sleep with someone else? Trisha has the lie detector results.



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