Trisha Goddard Lucinda Sent Inappropriate Pictures & 20-Year-Old Paternity Test


Trisha Goddard: (Possible) Father and Child Reunited After 20 Years

Trisha Goddard has quite the paternity test to read on her May 1 2013 episode.

About six weeks ago Fernando received a message from a woman named Kay Kay who claims they slept together 20 years ago and she wants to find out the truth about whether he was the man who got her pregnant. She wants to know if Fernando is the father of her 20-year-old child. Obviously, Fernando was blindsided by the message and he does not believe he is the father of this child, although it would be hard to remember sleeping with anyone after 20 years.


Trisha Goddard is bringing the child on the show to meet their potential father and she is reading off the paternity test that could change the course of the past 20 years for these three people. From the reaction of everyone in the audience, I am pretty sure he turns out to be the father.

Lucinda Sends Inappropriate Pictures On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day 2013, Josh found out his fiancee, Lucinda, had been sending inappropriate pictures to a different man. Although she did confess to sending more than just one such photo to another man, Josh is skeptical of their relationship now. He thinks she has been sending the photos for a long time and she might have been sleeping with other men as well.

They aren’t the only two people who the photos are affected either. Josh has started to question if he is the father of their two children. He wants Trisha Goddard to find the truth behind Lucinda’s possible cheating and whether the children he has been raising as his own are actually his.


While the relationship might be over for good, Josh just wants to know if the children are his.


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