Trisha Goddard: Kristina Only Dates Ricky for the Disability Checks


Trisha Goddard: Kristina Goes After Men with Disability Checks

Heather is sick and tired of her brother’s girlfriend, Kristina. She believes Kristina is taking advantage of her brother and she wants it to stop now. She wants Ricky, her brother, to stand up for himself but since he won’t, she brought him on the Trisha Goddard Show.

“Whatever Kristina says, Ricky does and it makes me sick,” said Heather.


Heather says Kristina has a history of using men for their disability checks and she wants Ricky to finally see this. Unfortunately, Ricky is in love and he is caught between his sister and his girlfriend.

Trisha Goddard: Kristina Only Dates Ricky for the Disability Checks

Trisha Goddard June 14 2013 meets a woman, Kristina, who only dates her boyfriend for the disability checks and she helps two girls find their real father.

“She ruined my family” said Heather.


“Do you go after men with disability checks,” was the question Trisha Goddard asked Kristina during the lie detector test and when the results came back, it turns out that Kristina does go after men getting checks for disability.

That isn’t all Heather is worried about though. Kristina says she is pregnant with Ricky’s baby but Heather doesn’t believe it one bit. She doesn’t think Kristina is pregnant and if she is, Heather does not believe it is her brother’s child. She is on Trisha Goddard to get a DNA test for Ricky.

Are We Sisters or Not?

Bianca and Monique grew up thinking they were half sisters. Their mother always told them they were fathered by two different men. Although she won’t tell them who their fathers are, she does tell them a man named Darryl is definitely not their father. But the girls are skeptical.

Darryl’s daughter, Diane, thinks both Bianca and Monique are her sisters and she wants the paternity test to prove she is right.

“I want to know my daddy and I want to know it now,” said Bianca.

Are they are going to be surprised by the DNA test result? Or will this episode of Trisha Goddard turn into an impromptu family reunion?


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