Trisha Goddard: Jody Abandoned Daughter At 7 & Wants Her Back at 20


Trisha Goddard: Jody Abandoned Daughter, Wants Her Back 13 Years Later

Jody, a man, abandoned his daughter 13-years-ago when the young girl was only 7-years-old. After getting in a fight with his daughter’s mother, Jody told his daughter he was not her father. That was the end of the relationship. He walked out of life and she never saw him again. Until recently that is.

Jody is stopping by Trisha Goddard because he wants to be a part of his daughter’s life again. While his daughter’s mother is not happy about him just showing up at their door again, she also has questions about whether Jody is the real father of her daughter in the first place.


Trisha Goddard: Jody Abandoned Daughter at 7 & Wants her Back at 20

Trisha Goddard June 19 2013 talked with Jody, a man who abandoned his daughter at the age of 7 and now he wants to reunite with her at the age of 20.

Was Jody right in telling his daughter he wasn’t her father? Or is he actually her father? Plus, should he be allowed back in his daughter’s life after so many years apart?

“I am really hoping Jody is not her dad,” said Laura, Jody’s ex-wife.


Trisha Goddard has the paternity test that will be shocking for everyone.

Trisha: Dee Dee Tries to Steals Her Sister’s Man

Kenton and Lasha recently had a child together but Kenton has been questioning whether the four-week-old child is his. Kenton said Lasha will got out at 10 at night and not come home until six in the morning all the time. On top of that Lasha’s sister, Dee Dee, is telling Kenton Lasha is cheating on him.

Dee Dee has been working hard to convince Kenton the child is not his. She says Lasha cheated on him and she wants him to know. But Lasha has a different story. She claims her sister is trying to steal Kenton away from her by telling him she is a cheater. Lasha claims she did not cheat and she is adamant Kenton is the father.

In order to clear everything up in this family, Trisha Goddard is doing a DNA test to find out if Kenton fathered the child and she is giving Dee Dee a lie detector test to find out is she is lying about her sister cheating and if she is lying, if she is doing it because she wants to steal Kenton from her.


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