Trisha Goddard Is Chris the Father of Marcede’s Baby & One Night Stand


Trisha Goddard: DNA Tests & Is Jermaine the Father of Mary’s Baby?

Trisha Goddard Is Chris the Father of Marcede's Baby & One Night Stand

On April 29 2013, Trisha Goddard digs deep and finds out if Chris is the father of Marcede’s baby. His parents hate her, so will they love the DNA results?

On April 29 2013, Trisha Goddard brings some drama into your Monday. Marcede and Chris know that their children are their biological children. Chris’s parents have other theories. Will a DNA test prove that Chris is the father? Also, Mary, 22, slept with Jermaine, 38. Nine months later, Mary insists that Jermaine is the father of her daughter. Jermaine’s daught Joycelyn doesn’tt hink that Mary’s daughter could be her sister. DNA tests are today’s special on Trisha Goddard


Is Chris the Father of Marcede’s Children?

Marcede’s knows that Chris is the father of her children. She also knows that Chris’s parent hate her. Chris and Marcede’s want to prove to his parents that they are true to each other. Chris’s father calls Marcede’s a “hoodrat” and thinks the worst of her. Can the DNA test put and end to this feud?

Jermaine & Joycelyn Vs Mary & Her Baby

“We got intoxicated and we did what we did,” Jermaine says about Mary.

She’s just 22 but she had a one night stand with 38-year-old Jermaine. Mary tells Trisha that there was no attraction, just passion and satisfaction in mind. Jermaine’s 22-year-old daughter doesn’t think that Mary’s daughter is her half-sister. She doesn’t think that it’s possible for a baby to result from a one night stand. Has she never watched Trisha Goddard? 


Families are taking sides and DNA tests are flying on Monday April 29.


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