Trisha Goddard: I Didn’t Give Birth To That Baby & Are You My Father?


Trisha Goddard: I Did Not Give Birth To That Baby

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Trisha Goddard finds the most outrageous story.

A woman woke up in the hospital and was told she had a baby. She remembers being pregnant but not giving birth. The nurses handed her a baby and now she wants to know whose baby she’s taking care of. She said that until she sees DNA proof she won’t accept Mahari as her baby. She believes that her mother and the rest of her family are making her go crazy.


Trisha Goddard: I Didn't Give Birth To That Baby & Are You My Father?

On March 8 2013, Trisha Goddard helped a daughter get DNA tests to prove who her father is.

Will the DNA prove that she did not give birth to this baby? Or was this a case of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? 

Trisha Goddard: Cheating Wife

April knows her mother has never cheated on her father, but her father thinks that she’s not his kid. For 18 years, Daryll has said that April is not his daughter. April’s mother says that’s impossible but Daryll said April is the neighbor’s daughter.


April says Daryll calls her and is all sweet. Then he calls her sister Rebekah and says that April is not his child. April thinks Daryll is just trying to skip out on his responsibilities. For the first time in 10 years, Daryll sees his daughters.

Daryll goes on camera and says that the girls were not “made available” to him. He thinks his ex-wife Wendy had an affair with the neighbor.


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