Trisha Goddard: I Confess…Your Girlfriend’s Baby May Be Mine


Trisha Goddard May 13 2013

Trisha Goddard is opening envelopes with shocking revelations and DNA test results on her May 13 show. It’s just another day at work for the talk show host, but it could be a life-changing day for her guests. This show is called “I Confess…Your Girlfriend’s Baby May Be Mine!”

Trisha Show: Pregnant Confessions

Trisha Goddard: I Confess...Your Girlfriend’s Baby May Be Mine

On Trisha Goddard’s May 13 episode, someone will confess: your girlfriend’s baby may be mine. What will happen when DNA exposes the truth after all?


Jeff refuses to believe that he is the father of Ebonie. That is because he claims her mother, Norma, was already pregnant when Jeff met her, so the child could not be his. Is that true, or is he just trying to shirk his parental responsibilities?

In the meantime, Jeff does not want anything to do with his possible daughter. Will he have a change of heart if he turns out to be her dad? Tune in to find out the results on the May 13 2013 episode of the Trisha Show.

Can you imagine letting someone grow up without just getting a DNA test and finding out for sure whether you are the father? If you really believe you are telling the truth, why not prove it and let the story die?


Trisha Goddard: Your Girlfriend’s Baby May Be Mine

Jessica swears that Ralph is the father of her baby. But Ralph isn’t so sure, because he has heard all the rumors around town about her activities with another much older man named Tommy.

According to Jessica, this is just a ploy by Tommy, who wants to have a relationship with her, despite her disinterest in him. Who is lying about what is going on here? What do you think is an acceptable age difference between adults in a relationship?

Trisha has the “shocking” results and chairs will fly when the truth is finally revealed. That’s all ahead on Monday’s episode of Trisha, airing May 13 2013.


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