Trisha Goddard: Hot Mess Makeovers & Dressing Right For Your Age


Trisha Goddard May 2 2013

Trisha Goddard is pulling off some mind-blowing extreme makeovers on her May 2 2013 episode. We have all been embarrassed by our parents at some time, whether because of how they act, or how they dress, or maybe just because we have all been teenagers. Some children are taking that to the extreme on Trisha’s Hot Mess Makeovers show.

Trisha Goddard: Hot Mess Makeovers

Trisha Goddard: Hot Mess Makeovers & Dressing Right For Your Age

On May 2, Trisha Goddard is giving three moms Hot Mess Makeovers, because their adult children say they need a clothing intervention. What should they wear?


Niecy’s five children are beyond embarrassed by everything their mother wears. In fact, they told Trisha that she dresses more like a man than a woman. Can Trisha and her team help this mom find some clothes that show off her feminine side, in time for a family reunion?

Trisha Goddard: Yard Sale Makeover

Cathy’s daughters think it’s outrageous that their mother dresses like a hobo. They say she only buys clothes at yard sales and often wears things that are too baggy. Do you think that’s really true? If you don’t believe it, you will have to see Cathy for yourself.

What if you want to make over a mom who doesn’t want to get on board and go through the transformation? I guess that’s not an option on Trisha’s show.


Trisha Goddard: Dressing Right For Your Age

For some moms, dressing appropriately for your age can be a challenge. That’s what Crystal says about her mother, who thinks she is hotter than her daughter. Find out why she is proud to flaunt herself and whether Trisha can talk her into something more flattering and reserved, given that she is in her 60s.

I think if I were 60 and still in good shape, I might want to show off my body as well. I just hope I would have someone in my life to stop me and remind me that’s a terrible idea so I don’t embarrass myself.

These families care, but they need Trisha Goddard’s help on the May 2 show to get their message across once and for all. Check out these Hot Mess Makeovers on the show.


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