Trisha Goddard: Girlfriend Sending Inappropriate Pictures To Another Man


Trisha Goddard: July 10 2013

On Trisha Goddard July 10 2013, a girlfriend sending inappropriate pictures to another man gets caught by her fiance, Josh. Now that Josh knows that his fiance is cheating, he thinks that his two children may not even be his! The paternity test results will prove this one way or the other.

Then, Fernando finds out he might be the father to Kay Kay’s daughter 20 years after she was born? What will happen when the paternity test results come back? Will Fernando be frustrated that it took Kay Kay this long to tell him that they might be parents together? Here is what’s happening on Trisha Goddard July 10 2013.


 Trisha Goddard: Girlfriend Sending Inappropriate Pictures To Another Man

Josh’s fiance, Lucinda, has admitted to both sending scandalous pictures to another man and taking part in some “out of the ordinary” texting with him, as well. With a track record like that, Josh understandably is having doubts that his two children even belong to him. With his fiancee sending out those kind of pictures, who’s to say that these children aren’t just one of Lucinda’s other escapades that went a little too far with too little protection?

As usual, you can fully expect that there will be paternity tests that will tell Josh if he can just dump Lucindia, as any self-respecting man should do, or if he will be wrapped up in an alimony case. Heck, maybe they will even try to work things out. We’ll just have to wait until Trisha Goddard July 10 2013.


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