Trisha Goddard: Don’t Trust My Father & Cheaters Exposed


Trisha Goddard May 6 2013

Trust is the basis of a healthy relationship, and when that bond is threatened, the situation can quickly unravel. On the next Trisha Show, couples will be confronting one another about lapses in trust and judgment. What happens when children insert themselves into their parents’ relationships? This May 6 show is called “Don’t Trust My Father…I Know He’s Cheating On You!”

Trisha Show: Don’t Trust My Father

Trisha Goddard: Don't Trust My Father & Cheaters Exposed

Don’t trust my father! That’s what one daughter is advising her dad’s new girlfriend on The Trisha Goddard Show for May 6. Cheaters are exposed on the show.


Charles is in the hot seat because his girlfriend Jennifer knows he has been lying to her. His daughter, Laqwana, is also coming on Trisha to tell Jennifer that she is onto something. Just to complete the family pile-on, Laqwana’s mom, Monique, is going to be on the show as well to talk about Charles’s past behavior.

Will Charles have a leg to stand on? Tune in for Trisha Goddard on May 6 to find out whether he can find a way out of this heated confrontation.

“I’m trying to change my life,” Charles will say on the show. Do you believe people can truly change?


Do you ever think it is OK to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend a lie? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and then tune in to see what happens to Charles and the ladies in his life.

Trisha Goddard: Cheaters Exposed

Irene thinks she has the goods on her husband, Emmanuel. Has he been unfaithful to him in their relationship? She said that the evidence suggests he is violating his marital vows. But he is tired of always being accused of bad behavior.

Now he is flipping the script and pointing a finger back at Irene. What will be revealed when the truth comes out in a lie detector test on the show? Find out the results from Trisha Goddard on her May 6 show.


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