Trisha Goddard: DJ Cheats on Ray Ray & Unfaithful Couple Move 15 Times


Trisha Goddard: Ray Ray Halts Wedding

Ray Ray is convinced her fiance DJ is sleeping with other women and she wants to be certain before she continues planning her wedding. After not being able to find any answers for herself, Ray Ray convinced her friend Maryssa to help her with a private investigation into DJ’s life.

Trisha Goddard: DJ Cheats on Ray Ray & Unfaithful Couple Move 15 Times

Trisha Goddard June 6 2013 is talking with Ray Ray who believes her fiance cheated with her best friend and an unfaithful couple move 15 times in 12 years.


While Ray Ray was convinced her friend would be able to catch DJ in the act of cheating, she never thought Maryssa would be the one her fiance is cheating with. After catching her friend give DJ a kiss, she doesn’t know who to trust.

Ray Ray is on Trisha Goddard because she wants to know who her fiance has been cheating with, if he even has been cheating, and she wants to know if Maryssa was the women he had always been sleeping with in the first place.

Do you think DJ would actually cheat on his fiance when they are only months away from getting married? And how does Ray Ray have so much time to keep track of her fiance when she has a wedding to plan?


I have a feeling this wedding is going to be called off.

Jerrica and Cedric Move 15 Times Because of Infidelity

Jerrica and Cedric have been together for 12 years but it seems like they are always moving. Jerrica tells Trisha Goddard she and her husband have moved 15 different times because any time she gets the slightest idea that her husband may be cheating, she makes him pack up and move. But Cedric said he isn’t cheating.

Cedric wanted to come on Trisha Goddard because he wants to clear his name. Although he admits to cheating on Jerrica in the past, he has not done it since. He is sick and tired of moving almost every year and he wants his wife to start trusting him again. But is she willing ?

It sounds like this could be the first lie detector test on Trisha Goddard that actually keeps a couple together.  Well, maybe.


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