Trisha Goddard: Did A Son Have Secret Daughters? Deadbeat Boyfriend


Trisha Goddard May 7 2013

If you had a question about the lineage of some children and you were already coming on The Trisha Goddard Show, would you turn to science or psychics for an answer? One grandmother is getting a two-for-one special on the May 7 episode of Trisha. Will she learn whether her son had secret daughters?

Trisha Goddard: Secret Daughters

Trisha Goddard: Did A Son Have Secret Daughters? Deadbeat Boyfriend

Trisha Goddard May 7 meets a grandmother whose son may have had secret daughters she never knew about. Can DNA or a psychic help her uncover the truth?


Grandmother Ola said her son Thomas died 27 years ago. His last instructions to his mother were to take care of Tia, his only child. All these years later, things have changed, because two young women claim that Thomas was also their dad. Could he have had secret daughters she never knew?

Kayonna and Quanetta claim they are also Ola’s grandchildren, but she is reluctant to accept the news, since her late son only told her about one child. Can a paternity test prove what is really going on here?

Trisha: My Son Died & Psychic Paternity

I guess the May 7 episode will have to use DNA from Ola herself, since her son passed away and cannot be DNA tested. In the meantime, Trisha Goddard is hooking Ola up with a psychic to help her get some insight into parts of her son’s life she knew nothing about.


What do you think will be revealed as Ola attempts to get some closure on this unsolved mystery from her son’s past? Tune in to see the results for yourself. It’s “a DNA mystery from beyond the grave.”

Can these people handle the truth when the results are revealed?

Trisha Goddard: Deadbeat Boyfriend?

Also on the show, it’s a paternity smackdown. Chelsie believes that Carl, her ex-boyfriend, is shirking his responsibility to their child. She wants him to take a paternity test so his new girlfriend can know the truth about his past.

Who will be exposed as a liar on the May 7 episode? You’ll have to watch and see for yourself.


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