Trisha Goddard: Chris’ Polygamy Makes Him Question Paternity of Son


Trisha Goddard: Gregory’s DNA Test

Trisha Goddard has a really exciting show coming up on June 17 2013. I hope she a bunch of lab technicians to go over all the DNA tests she is going to have on the show.

Trisha Goddard: Chris' Polygamy Makes Him Questions Paternity of Son

Trisha Goddard June 17 2013 talks with Chris who is questioning the paternity of his son due to his polygamy and one man wonders if his daughters are his.


The first person getting a DNA test is Gregory who wants to find out if he is the biological father of all three of his children. He believes that his wife has been cheating on him for years and he wants to know for certain if his daughters are actually his.

Will Gregory’s decision to get a DNA test tear apart his family? Or is he going to be finally know his girls are actually his? Only Trisha Goddard has the test results to prove whether or not he has been betrayed.

Do you think Gregory is the father? Let us know in the comments.


Trisha: Chris Questions Son’s Paternity Because of Polygamy

Find out whose son is whose is probably a big deal in the polygamist community. I imagine those types of people are going to the DNA lab all the time, or at least every time someone in the group has a child.

It seems Chris’ polygamous lifestyle has given him some doubts about whether his son is his or another member of his polygamy group.

Could the son chris has called his own for years be fathered by someone? Or is this Chris’ son? And will Chris change to a more monogamous lifestyle or is he forever going to have a longing for the life of a polygamist?

Trisha Goddard has the answers.


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