Trisha Goddard: Chris Cheats on Lorita & Cheating Hubby Caught on Tape


Trisha Goddard: Husband Part of Several Dating Websites

Danielle is not happy with her husband after she discovered he is a member of several different dating websites. She even placed a tape recorder in their bedroom so she could him while he was on the computer and just in case he brought one of the other women home.

When she listened to the tape later in the week, she says she could hear her boyfriend Joshua’s name being called, she could hear him making love with another woman and she could hear him doing some pretty naughty stuff himself.


Trisha Goddard: Chris Cheats on Lorita & Cheating Hubby Caught on Tape

Trisha Goddard May 24 2013 made Chris take a lie detector test and found he was cheating on Lorita and another woman records her husband cheating.

But Joshua said it is all a lie. He tells Trisha Goddard he was not the person who set up the online profiles for the dating websites and he insists he is not cheating on Danielle.

When Trisha Goddard sits down with the couple to listen to the tape of Joshua making love to another woman, no one hears a thing.


Is the cheating all in Danielle’s head? Or did she bring the wrong tape with her to the show? The only way to find out is a lie detector test.

Chris Caught Between Two Sisters, Literally

Recently, while coming home from church, Lorita noticed she had been locked out of her house. The front door was bolted shut and all the others were locked as well. After yelling for her boyfriend she decided to kick in the door.

After kicking in the door, Lorita found her boyfriend sleeping in the bed with only his boxers on and she found her sister sleeping on the couch.

Obviously she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her with her sister but she doesn’t have any way to prove it. Her boyfriend, Chris, denies making love to her sister and her sister, Lesha, denies sleeping with Lorita;s husband.

Lesha even tells Trisha Goddard sometimes she will sit on Chris’ lap when she goes to her sister but she didn’t see anything wrong with that.

In the end, there is no way to get away from the truth. Chris’ lie detector results came back negative, meaning he had cheated on Lorita with her sister.


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