Trisha Goddard: Catfish Lady Free & Larry’s Online Cheating Scandal


Trisha Goddard: Cheating Rapper, Lady Free

Lady Free is a rapper, model and all around internet sensation. When Travis started talking with Lady Free he thought he was one of the luckiest men on the planet. I mean how many times can a guy say he dated a model?

Trisha Goddard: Catfish Lady Free & Larry's Online Cheating Scandal

Trisha Goddard June 4 2013 talked with one woman, Lady Free, who reveals to her two lovers she isn’t who she said she is and Larry cheats using the internet.


Lady Free doesn’t just have Travis to turn to when she needs some love though. She is also dating La Shellie. And on Trisha Goddard’s June 4 2013 episode, both La Shellie and Travis are going to meet each other for the first time because Lady Free says she wants to come clean with both of them.

While Lady Free is going to be admitting to being  a cheater, she has other reasons she wanted to stop by Trisha Goddard. She has another secret neither La Shellie or Travis know about and I guess she figured they would already be mad at her for cheating so why not drop another bomb on them.

She is going to reveal to both of them that she is not who she says she is. She isn’t really a rapper. She is a mother who holds down a full time job working at a prison.


I wonder how Travis, who said Lady Free was the kind of person he would marry, and La Shellie, who thought she was going to start a family with Lady Free, are going to take the news,

Larry: A Cheater or an Upstanding Guy

Larry claims he is the best boyfriend in the world to Siobhan but both Siobhan and her mother think Larry is a lying cheater. They think he is living a double life filled with other women, drugs, drinking, sneaking around and cheating on his girlfriend.

We all know Larry is going to claim he hasn’t done anything wrong but we also know you can lie as much as you want until the lie detector results are read.

Do you think Larry is a cheater or is he just being accused by a jealous, overbearing girlfriend?



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