Trisha Goddard: Butt Implants Gone Wrong & Past Guest Updates


Trisha Goddard May 14 2013

Trisha Goddard is about to conclude a successful first season on the air. There have been countless DNA tests, lie detectors, and relationships on the rocks; there was even a guest with butt implants gone wrong. But some stories hit home with viewers more than others. Now fans are saying, “Track down my favorite Trisha guest” in an episode of updates airing May 14.

Trisha Show: Track Down My Favorite Trisha Guests

Trisha Goddard: Butt Implants Gone Wrong & Past Guest Updates

Trisha Goddard’s May 14 episode features updates on the most talked about guests from past episodes, from butt implants gone wrong to cheating scandals.


Apparently, Twitter is a hot spot for people to sound off about the shenanigans they witness on the Trisha Show. Reaction after certain episodes has been heating up the social network, and producers of the show have taken notice.

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Trisha Goddard: Butt Implants Gone Wrong

It was a case of butt implants gone wrong, and Trisha fans could not stop talking about the guest who almost did not survive a botched operation. But how are things going for her now? On Trisha’s May 14 episode, she says her situation in life is better than you might expect.


Now she has completed a triathlon, and she is back on Trisha with an inspiring message: “Anything that you want to do, it can absolutely be done.”

Sorry Trisha, but one inspirational update does not make up for all the uninspired guests who parade through your stage daily.

Trisha Show Updates

What happened after the results were revealed? You want to know what life is like once guests learn the truth and go back to their lives. Now Trisha is revisiting some of the guests people could not get enough of.

Who left you wondering what happened next? What was your favorite guest from Trisha’s first year on the air? Tune in for the May 14 show and you just might get the update you have been waiting for.


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