Trisha Goddard: Ashley Pregnant at 13 & is Richard the Father?


Trisha Goddard: Richard Not There for Paige’s Two Children

This episode of Trisha Goddard is all about kids having kids of their own.

By the time she was 19-years-old Paige already had two children, both of whom she believes were fathered by Richard. Even Richard’s mother thinks the two children are his but Richard says there is now way. He tells Trisha Goddard there is no way the kids can be his and he is not going to take responsibility for them.


Trisha Goddard: Ashley Pregnant at 13 & is Richard the Father?

Trisha Goddard June 5 2013 talked with a girl who got pregnant at 13 and she meets Richard who claims Paige’s two children are not his.

“You can’t expect for me to do for him if I don’t know it’s my own son,” said Richard to a teary eyed Paige.

Good thing he submitted to a paternity test while on Trisha Goddard so everyone can find out once and for all who fathered Paige’s two children.


Ashley Gets Pregnant at 13

At the young age of 13, Ashley got pregnant. For years he has been trying to convince Jimmy he is father of her child but he doesn’t think so. Both Jimmy and his mother, Diane, believe Ashley has been sleeping around since before she was pregnant meaning the kid could be anybody’s.

Ashley did get Jimmy to take a DNA test years ago which came back saying Jimmy is the father but, again, Jimmy and his mother think Ashley is lying to them about the positive DNA test. They say she tampered with the results just to trap Jimmy into a relationship with her.

“It did take two of us. I know I didn’t climb on top of myself,” yelled Ashley as Jimmy’s mother kept telling her she was sleeping around.

Felicia Doesn’t Know the Father of Her Child

Felicia admits she was sleeping around with a bunch of different men when she had a baby at 17. She thinks the baby belongs to her boyfriend at the time, Dean, but Dean said there is no way the kid is his since she was sleeping around with so many people.

Will the paternity test prove he is the father or is Felicia going to have to bring someone else on the show with her next time?


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