Trisha Goddard: Ashamed To Be Black…Race Haters Confronted!


Trisha Goddard May 8 2013

Most people have some regrets about past decisions, but can you imagine being ashamed of who you are? Trisha’s guests all have problems accepting the racial identities of their family members or even themselves. This episode is called “Ashamed To Be Black…Race Haters Confronted.”

Trisha Goddard: Ashamed To Be Black

Trisha Goddard: Ashamed To Be Black...Race Haters Confronted!

On Trisha Goddard’s May 8 episode, she will meet a teen who is ashamed to be black. Loved ones confront the race haters in their lives who judge them.


Cazimere is just 13 years old, but she says she does not want to be black. She is ashamed of her race and wants to change who she is. She will be talking with Trisha Goddard about her story. What’s more, an author named Herman Williams thinks that Cazimere is on to something.

One thing seems sadly clear from this upcoming episode: race is still a huge challenge facing people in their everyday lives.

Trisha Show: Interracial Dating

Laverne is mad at her son Devonte, because she says he will only date Asian women. She thinks that he should not date out of his own race. It’s very strange to think that this was a popular opinion just half a century ago.


On Trisha’s May 8 show, will Devonte have the last word about his love life? Plus, Chastity is at odds with her Aunt Tye, who does not think her niece should have had children with a black man. Tye said she does not acknowledge Chastity’s children because they are biracial.

Have you encountered judgment about interracial dating in your everyday life?

Trisha Goddard: Race Haters

What about the white man in the audience who said he identifies strongly with black culture? There is also a guest who thinks that some ethnicities are more racist than others.

I wonder if Trisha’s help will make a difference for anyone trying to sort through problems and conflicts caused by race. She will be tackling this thorny topic on the May 8 episode.


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