Trisha Goddard: April Fools’ Day Pranks & Foolish Past Guest Updates


Trisha Goddard: April Fools’ Day Updates

Trisha Goddard is having an April Fools’ Day like no other. She is going to be looking back at some of her previous guests who were fooled on the show and some of the guests who were acting just plain foolish. She is also having a little fun with her audience as she sets them all up for a prank they are likely not going to forget anytime soon.

Trisha Goddard: Most Foolish Guests Of the Year

Trisha Goddard: April Fools' Day Pranks & Foolish Past Guest Updates

Trisha Goddard April 1 2013 is bringing back some of her most foolish guests for updates on their lives, and she has April Fools’ Day pranks for her audience.


From guests that have been fooled by their partners to guests that were fooled by the paternity tests, Trisha Goddard is looking back on some of the best fools from this past season and updating the audience on where they are now. Could they still be fools or do you think they changed their foolish ways?

Did you ever wonder if the couples on the show stick together after paternity tests reveal the father of the baby might not be the person in the studio that day? Or how about the couples who find out one of them has been cheating? Do you ever wonder if they stuck together after the show? Trisha Goddard is going to bring them back on the show and let them tell you what they have been up to since their secrets were revealed.

Trisha Goddard: April Fools’ Day Prank

Trisha Goddard is having some fun with her staff and the audience on April Fools’ Day. No one is safe from a good prank on April 1 2013. Trisha Goddard has some excellent pranks up her sleeve and she is unleashing them on anyone in her studio that day.



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