Trisha Goddard: Anna Sits On Men For Money & What Is A Squasher?


Trisha Goddard: What Is A Squasher?

On Trisha Goddard’s June 20 show, Taylor is very worried for her friend Anna. You see, Anna is in a very strange line of business. She is a squasher, meaning men pay her to come to their houses and sit of them. Because of her large stature and obesity, these kinky men find it very cute whens she sits on their arms, legs, torsos and even their faces.

Trisha Goddard: Anna is a Squasher, She Sits on Men's Faces for Money

Trisha Goddard June 20 2013 met Anna, a squasher, meaning she gets paid to sit on men’s faces and a boyfriend likes to make love too rough for his girl.


Anna see nothing wrong with sitting on someone because they get turned on, but her friend Taylor is nervous. She says Anna is putting her health at risk because she is trying to gain more and gain more weight.

Trisha: Anna Sits On Men For Money

They didn’t mention it, but I think the heavier you are, the more the men like it and the more the woman gets paid.

Anna doesn’t see anything wrong with what she is doing though. She makes a good living preying on the fetishes of these men, she isn’t hurting anyone and she is not selling herself in the traditional sense of the word.


Do you think squashing is wrong? Should Anna stop? Or should Taylor accept her friend for who she is what she does with her life?

Trisha: Stuart Makes Love So Rough Sindi is Scared for Her Life

“I like being in control,” said Stuart, a man brought on the show by his girlfriend Sindi and her friend Bobbie. Both of them want to sit Stuart down to talk with him about his crazy love making.

Sindi tells Trisha Goddard her boyfriend is so rough in the bedroom she is scared to sleep with him.

“You don’t have to choke me out until I’m almost dead,” Sindi said Stuart who said that was how it was going to be or she could leave. And might just want to leave. According to her, Stuart has a very controlling nature about him outside the bedroom as well and she believes this, coupled with his intense rage, could lead to him hurting her.


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