Trisha Goddard: Al’s Family Hates White People & Starr Hates Her Race


Trisha Goddard: I Hate My Race

On March 21 2013, Trisha Goddard talks to people that are ashamed to be their race. A man and a woman are ashamed to be called African American. Tina and Al have been together four years, but his family won’t accept the color of Tina’s skin. Why do these people hate their qualities so much? Find out on today’s Trisha Goddard

Trisha Goddard:  Starr & Willis

Trisha Goddard: Al's Family Hates White People & Starr Hates Her Race

On March 21 2013, Trisha Goddard speaks to a group of people that hate their race. She tries to settle a dispute between brothers over dating biracially.


Starr hates the color of her skin and wishes she were white. She thinks that black people are lazy and uneducated. She doesn’t associate with black men. She doesn’t even let her son play with black children or eat fried chicken.

Willis feels that his race is “ignorant and ghetto.” He is turned off by black women and cannot accept his race. He says that he won’t date a black woman because “they have problems” and “baggage.”

What sparked their feelings? Trisha lets the audience weigh in on the guests’ feelings. Things get heated when they start telling the audience to shut up.


Trisha Goddard: Tina and Al

After four years, Tina and Al think they have a great relationship. If only his family would leave them alone. Al’s brother Chris and his wife Ashli refuse to accept Tina because she is white. They want to break the couple up so they can fix Al up with a black woman.


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