Trisha Goddard: After 23 Years James Tells Tierra He Is Not Her Father


Trisha Goddard: James Denies Being Father of 23-Year-Old Tierra

For 23 years Tierra has thought her father was James but as it turns out, he may not be. Tierra and James are both on Trisha Goddard because James is claiming he is not the father of Tierra.

“You are telling me you may or may not be my dad,” said Tierra through tears when James finally told her why she was on the show.


Trisha Goddard: After 23 Years James Tells Tierra He is Not Her Father

Trisha Goddard June 21 2013 talks with a man named James who is telling his daughter of 23 years, Tierra, he is not her father.

Technically James has been her dad for 23 years, but he says he isn’t really her father. According to James, Tierra’s mother, Reneatia, was living with another man at the beginning of their relationship. This other man is Tierra’s father, not James. But when this other man passed away, James stepped up to be a father figure for Tierra, going so far as to sign court papers for guardianship.

The reason James is saying he might not be her father now is because he owes $20,000 in back support. He has been served with court papers to pay back child support and James doesn’t want to pay.


“I could go to jail,” said James.

Is James just dodging a major financial bullet by telling Tierra is he is not her father? Or is he dodging the responsibilities he knew he was taking on when he signed papers to be her guardian? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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