Tonight Show: You Be The Nominee Oscar Edition & Life Of Pi Review


Jay Leno: Best Picture Nominees

The Oscars are finally here, and the big night is Sunday, February 24 2013. Have you seen most of the nominated films? Here is what happened when Jay surprised strangers and asked them to act out memorable scenes in You Be The Nominee. Later, Jay talked with Meredith Vieira.

The Tonight Show: You Be The Nominee

Tonight Show: You Be The Nominee Oscar Edition & Life Of Pi Review

On The Tonight Show, Jay Leno surprised unsuspecting strangers in his You Be The Nominee Oscar Edition segment, where they recreated the year’s movie roles.


Jay Leno said that many people dream of getting their chance to act in the year’s biggest movies. That is why he sent cameras to knock on random doors to surprise local residents. Could ordinary people deliver Oscar-worthy performances?

Anuj and his wife Bianca were interested in talking to Jay, but they were more familiar with Bollywood than Hollywood. They did not even know who Abraham Lincoln was. But that did not stop Anuj from taking on the role.

He actually did a decent line reading, even though he could not fill Lincoln’s shoes.


Tonight Show: Argo Review

The next apartment door opened to reveal three women, including a knife thrower who showed off her skills. She got the chance, through the magic of CGI, to throw knives at Jay.

Behind another door were four roommates who had weighed in on the year’s nominees. Between the four of them, they said they were up to the task of recreating Argo, including the scene where the undercover movie crew attempts to learn their cover stories.

Jay Leno: Life Of Pi Review

The next couple had not seen the year’s nominees, but they agreed to try out some scenes from Life of Pi. Jay helped them recreate some of the oceanic scenes using a garden hose in the apartment complex’s pool. That had to be a lot of fun to try out.

The Tonight Show: Les Miserables Best Picture

Another apartment filled with friends and family were familiar with most of the year’s Academy Award nominees. This was an apartment full of folks who loved Les Miserables. Could they recapture the magic of the big screen?

They did their best given the constraints of the apartment building, reworking song lyrics to be about Jay Leno and The Tonight Show (e.g. “his chin was massive”). The girl playing Anne Hathaway’s role was a great singer, for what that’s worth.

Could you perform in any of the year’s Oscar nominated films?



  1. Bill chi says

    That singer in les mis is an up and coming star. Jay needs to book her on the show and get her career going the way he tried a while ago with Angella.

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