Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Harlem Shake & Donald Trump Vs Bill Maher


Tonight Show: Harlem Shake Review

The Tonight Show joked about the Carnival Triumph disaster, the Harlem Shake dance craze, and the feud between Donald Trump vs Bill Maher.


The Tonight Show: Carnival Cruise Triumph

Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Harlem Shake & Donald Trump Vs Bill Maher

The Tonight Show monologue joked about the Harlem Shake dance craze, the Carnival Triumph, coffee enemas and the Donald Trump vs Bill Maher feud. (Helga Esteb /

It was the year 269 when St. Valentine was beaten and beheaded, and Jay Leno thinks it was because he forgot Valentine’s Day.

This week also marked the official start of Lent, and Jay said that the LA Lakers are giving up the playoffs. “You’re supposed to give up something so you can experience suffering. Or you could just go on a Carnival cruise,” Leno said, comparing the conditions to a “floating bedpan” and suggesting Carnival change its slogan to “what can brown do for you?”


Can you imagine being stuck on a ship with 4,000 other people for four days? The only think that could be worse, according to Jay, is if the karaoke machine still worked.

Jay Leno: Today Show Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is the latest viral video dance craze. According to a report on the Today Show, one person starts out dancing alone for about 15 seconds, and then everyone joins in the fun. Jay even doctored a clip from this week’s State of the Union to demonstrate the latest trend.

Oklahoma police discovered a meth lab set up inside a porta potty, which Leno said was a great example of small business. It was on a public golf course, which seems like a fairly conspicuous location.

Tonight Show: Donald Trump Vs Bill Maher

Lady Gaga has cancelled the rest of her tour because she must have hip surgery, which Jay said is her latest attempt to copy Madonna.

Donald Trump criticized the Beyonce halftime show for being inappropriate, to which Leno responded that there is nothing like the dignity of washed up celebrities on The Apprentice.

Meanwhile, it’s Donald Trump vs Bill Maher in a lawsuit over a Tonight Show joke Maher made comparing Trump to an orangutan. Jay promised to keep the audience apprised of the orangutan’s demands.

The Tonight Show: Mrs. Inappropriate

A Tennessee motorist tried to throw his marijuana stash out the window during a police chase. But the plan backfired because his window was not rolled down. That sounds like a guy who maybe should not be driving.

For an installment of Mrs. Inappropriate, Leno highlighted the embarrassing video of a Canadian news anchor unintentionally making inappropriate gestures during an anecdote.

Jay Leno: My Strange Addiction

A Florida couple shared their coffee enema addition on the TLC reality show My Strange Addiction. “Whoever thought the best part of waking up would be Folgers in your butt?” Jay wondered.


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