Tonight Show: Trevor Moore Winnovations & Flava-Pult Review


Tonight Show: Trevor Moore Winnovations

Jay invited California’s oldest driver, age 105, to be a guest on his show. She just renewed her driver’s license and even has a Facebook account. But first, it was time for another edition of Winnovations infomercials for fake products like the Flava-pult.

Jay Leno: Flava-pult Review


Comedian Trevor Moore is Jay’s go-to man for product testing on real people. None of the products work, but people buy into the bits, which are filmed on the Santa Monica Pier.

The first product, Flava-pult, purports to improve the flavor of food, but of course it does not actually do anything. Trevor had a man taste a ham sandwich before and after catapulting a ham sandwich against a board. The man insisted that the food was more flavorful after the experiment.

Another woman tried it with a banana, which she said tasted really smooth after using the Flava-pult. Then it was time to try the experiment with Jello, and a woman agreed that it tasted “stronger” and “more sugary” after being put through the Flava-pult.


Tonight Show: Blown N Grow Review

Tonight Show: Trevor Moore Winnovations & Flava-Pult Review

The Tonight Show shared another installment of Winnovations fake products that consumers test and believe in, such as the Flava-Pult for food flavors.

Next up was the Blow N Grow, a mess of mylar and tubes that Trevor pretended could help to grow hair. He claimed that carbon dioxide from your own body can help you grow hair. A man gave the process a try, wearing the contraption on his head, to the surprise of other onlookers.

People will believe whatever you tell them, it would seem.

Jay Leno: Winnovations Buddy Glide Review

The next product was designed to solve the problem of workout buddies who cannot find gym equipment that is side-by-side. It was a push and pull product that definitely brought the two friends who tried it closer together, as pedestrians gathered and laughed at their awkward poses. The guys agreed that you can learn a lot by experimenting.

What is the craziest product idea you have ever heard?


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