Tonight Show: Spring Romance Jaywalking & International Pickup Lines


Jay Leno: Jaywalking

It’s been awhile since The Tonight Show host Jay Leno has hit the streets of Burbank to rub elbows with the local residents and tourists. Jay wanted to know how love, dating, and relationships have changed, since he has been out of the game for decades. Here are the highlights from this Spring Romance edition of Jaywalking.

The Tonight Show: Spring Romance Jaywalking


Ajay was the first person we saw at Universal City Walk. He was an accounting major who said that he had studied pickup lines, such as, “You must be tired, because you’ve been running through my head all day long.”

James was another willing victim, who worked at a restaurant in the area. He said he was currently hooking up with his roommate. He explained that they were not involved before they became roommates, but watching the second Twilight movie seemed to spark their romance.

Tonight Show: Spring Romance Jaywalking & International Pickup Lines

The Tonight Show’s spring romance edition of Jay Leno’s Jaywalking featured international pickup lines and romantic advice from people on the street.


He added that they have not talked about whether they are exclusive, and he admitted that he has had some casual pursuits on the side, even though now she will hear about those on national TV.

James shared one of his pickup lines, which sounded more like a vague threat. Watch out for this guy, ladies.

Tonight Show: English Pickup Lines

Emma from England said she is married, but she recalled some British pickup lines. She said they would often send flowers or send a drink to you at the bar.

One man sent her a single flower each week for seven weeks. She said it was slightly creepy because the notes were not signed.

The Tonight Show: English Love Poems

Emma admitted that she has never written her husband any love notes, so Jay Leno tried to help her. She shared it with her husband, Alex.

“When our hearts beat together, it’s an unbeatable force,” it began. But things took a less than romantic turn.

Alex took the opportunity to write a love note back to his wife. His was also not very romantic. I guess the Shakespearean era is dead.

Jay Leno: Beauty Is In The Butt

Jamieson was a single man who encountered Jay on the street. He said that he has never sent anyone racy text messages. But he has been on the receiving end of such messages.

According to Jamieson, beauty is in “the butt.” Leno speculated that this could be the reason he is single.

The Tonight Show: Argentina Pickup Lines

A young woman named Sammy told Leno she is in a two-year relationship, and she is from Argentina. Someone once told her, “you look fine like a steak.”

What is the worst pickup line you ever heard? Tell me in the comments.


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