Tonight Show Real Pet Products: Eyenimal & Big Head Squirrel Feeder


The Tonight Show: Real Pet Products

Pet owners are crazy about their four-legged family members, but some companies are taking these relationships to an extreme. Check out Jay Leno’s collection of Real Pet Products.

Jay Leno: Big Head Squirrel Feeder Review


NBC News reported that Americans spend $53 million annually on pets. For National Pet Care Month, Jay and the Tonight Show trotted out some of the more creative pet products.

Tonight Show Real Pet Products: Eyenimal & Big Head Squirrel Feeder

The Tonight Show featured Real Pet Products, including the Eyenimal camera, a Big Head Squirrel Feeder for the yard, and even an animal high chair for meals.

The Big Head Squirrel Feeder sells for about $16.50. It holds bird feed closer to the ground, and squirrels can use it to get food instead of stealing it from birds.


Tonight Show: Anteater Bug Vacuum Review

Ants can also get into pet food, which can be a problem especially if you are a neat freak. If you want to humanely keep the ants away, you can use the Anteater Bug Vacuum for around $19. It takes up the ants, and then you can release them outside, or show them to your kids to help them learn about nature.

The Tonight Show: Poo Leash Review

Are you tired of cleaning up after your dog? It is a never-ending problem for dog owners, but the Poo Leash is a vacuum that cleans up after your dog on the dog. It also has a built in leash, but Leno questioned whether the product would work for larger dogs.

Jay Leno: Klean Kitty Review

The Klean Kitty sells for about $50, and it is a litterbox that springs the waste out your window or into the garbage. That is not a good product idea.

Tonight Show: Inflatable Unicorn Horn Review

For the pet owner who likes to dress up her cat, check out the Inflatable Unicorn Horn, which you can try to put on your cat. Let me know how that works out for you.

The Tonight Show: Hound’s Stool Review

You can now eat meals with your pet at the table. The Hound’s Stool is available on eBay, and it is a high chair for dogs to bring them up to the dinner table with you.I guess it’s an interesting idea, but surely there is something unsanitary about this.

Jay Leno: Toy-Go-Round Review

Also on Jay’s product list was an exercise wheel for cats. The Toy-Go-Round Exercise Wheel from the Cat Wheel Company starts at $349. You can use a laser pointer to get the cat going in the wheel, but that just makes it even more expensive!

Tonight Show: Big Mouth Food Dispenser

If you are tired of juggling huge bags of dog food, try eBay’s Big Mouth Food Dispenser, to help you serve a perfect portion every time. That one seemed to make more of a mess than you would want at feeding time.

The Tonight Show: Eyenimal Pet Cam Review

For $89, you can get your dog an Eyenimal camera that lets you see what your favorite pet sees. It is a collar with a video camera, and Leno tried it out around the office, where it stole his sandwich and defibrillated someone. Shouldn’t this clip have a disclaimer of “results not typical”?

Would you buy any of these pet products for your pal?


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