Tonight Show: North Korea Nuclear Secret Meeting & Mexican Barbie


Tonight Show: North Korea and Mexican Barbie

Jay Leno’s monologue featured a Mexican Barbie review and the latest on tensions with North Korea. Plus, which past president do you want to see back in office?

Jay Leno: North Korea Nuclear Secret Meeting


Foreign Policy magazine said that North Korean and US officials had a secret meeting in March 2013. What do you think they talked about?

North Korean State Television televised a poem about war with the US, which Jay joked got higher ratings than NBC.

Tonight Show: North Korea Nuclear Secret Meeting & Mexican Barbie

Jay Leno joked about the potential of a nuclear threat from North Korea, the backlash to the new Mexican Barbie with a pink passport, and a bedbug remedy.


Former vice president Dick Cheney categorized the North Korea situation as “deep doo-doo,” which Leno said is how he used to brief President George W. Bush.

Supposedly, North Korea is planning a cyber attack to halt the economy, but Jay said we already beat them to the punch with that plan.

The Tonight Show: Ronald Reagan Vs Barack Obama

President Obama had dinner with Republican senators at the White House. Now I want to know what they talked about.

A new poll found that 50% of Americans would vote for Ronald Reagan now over Barack Obama. Who is your favorite past president?

Celebrities have written to President Obama, asking him to ease the country’s drug policies. Who would have thought that musicians and actors would want to see drugs legalized?

Tonight Show: Mexican Barbie Review

The toymaker Mattel is in hot water for its Mexican Barbie with a pink passport. “This is the closest we’ve come yet to any kind of immigration reform,” Leno said.

Taiwan and Thailand are apologizing for misidentifying Margaret Thatcher, who recently passed away. In Thailand, the news featured a picture of Meryl Streep, who played Thatcher in a movie.

US restaurants are starting to serve guinea pig. Jay wondered whether you get to pick the one you want out of an exercise wheel.

Jay Leno: Man Saws Arms Off

At a California Home Depot, a man attempted to saw both his arms off and “still couldn’t get the attention of a salesperson,” Leno said. He asked the right question: after you saw off the first arm, how do you go after the second one?

An Iowa couple has gotten married at the Denny’s wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Jay speculated that the groom planned this wedding.

A man who thought he purchased two dogs was actually tricked. In Argentina, a man thought he bought two poodles, but they were actually ferrets on steroids. What a weird ruse.

The Tonight Show: Kidney Bean Leaves Bedbug Remedy

Kidney bean leaves can help attract and get rid of bedbugs, according to a study confirming what Leno said was an old wives’ tale.

Did you know that baldness can increase a man’s chances of heart disease? On a related note, you shouldn’t wrap a towel around wet hair, because you could damage weak follicles. When did Jay Leno turn into Dr Oz?


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