Tonight Show Meal Or No Meal: Drinking 18 Raw Eggs & Golf Ball Trick


The Tonight Show: Meal Or No Meal?

In Meal Or No Meal, Jay Leno talks with audience members who have interesting talents. I’m surprised NBC hasn’t tried to spin this off into a game show yet. When you have someone drinking 18 raw eggs…I’m not sure if you should be rewarded for that, but if so, it should net you more than just a solid meal.

The judges helping him decide on the meal-worthy performances were international talk show host Rove McManus, Tonight Show bandleader Rickey Minor, and Ross Mathews, the long-suffering Tonight Show intern. Ross Mathews has a new book, Man Up, due out in spring 2013.


Tonight Show: Elbow Wings Trick

Tonight Show Meal Or No Meal: Drinking 18 Raw Eggs & Golf Ball Trick

Can you imagine drinking 18 raw eggs? That’s what one contestant did in the latest installment of Jay Leno’s game show giveaway, Meal Or No Meal.

Grace from Colorado was the first talented audience member, and she had a unique hairstyle. She is a 17-year-old high school graduate who enjoys traveling and snowboarding.


Her special talent involved her elbows, and she was able to bend her arms forward and flap them together like wings. Rove McManus suggested that this was the cause of the holes in her dress.

Grace won a gift certificate for dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse in Denver.

Jay Leno: Arizona Realtor Golf Trick

Mike from Arizona was the next talented audience member. He is a busy realtor back at home. His talent involved a golf ball and a sand wedge.

Mike was able to bounce the golf ball repeatedly in the air using his wedge, dozens of times. When told to stop, he caught the ball in his hand.

In another 2-1 vote, Ross broke the tie and decided not to give Mike a meal. Jay cheated and gave him the prize anyway.

The Tonight Show: Drinking 18 Raw Eggs

Last up was Kevin from New Jersey, who just moved to Los Angeles. He works for a beer distributor. The fringe benefits include free beer on holidays and weekends.

Kevin’s trick required 18 raw eggs in a giant beer glass. Whatever was about to happen had to be disgusting. Eventually, Kevin was able to chug the entire stein of raw eggs. Do not try this at home! It was totally gross.

Judge Rove McManus seemed really blown away by the trick. Rickey thought it was a backwoods Spring Break trick. The vote was unanimous, and Kevin definitely earned his meal.

I am going to have flashbacks to this gross gag the next time I see an omelet.


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