Tonight Show Jaywalking: Black History Month & Martin Luther King Jr


Jay Leno: Jaywalking

From Oz The Great and Powerful, Joey King was on The Tonight Show. But first, it was time for the return of the popular Jaywalking segment. For Black History Month, Jay headed to Universal CityWalk to find out how much people know about the observance and some important figures in history.

The Tonight Show: Black History Month


Tonight Show Jaywalking: Black History Month & Martin Luther King Jr

In honor of Black History Month, Jay Leno went Jaywalking to see how much the average person knows about historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. (Brandon Bourdages /

Tommy could not quite come up with the full name for the NAACP. He did not have any trouble with the NBA acronym.

Two college students were more concerned with Valentine’s Day. Though they said that they were very excited about Black History Month, they had never heard of the NAACP. “Is that a thing?” one wondered.


Tonight Show: Jesse Owens Vs Bruce Jenner

Another contestant said that she had been brushing up on her black history. Jay Leno asked her about Jesse Owens, and she guessed that maybe he was notable for doing steroids. But she definitely knew why Bruce Jenner was famous.

Nicole could not complete the famous quote “I have a dream.” Kevin said that he studied math, not history. He did not know which amendment freed the slaves, but he was pretty sure it happened in the 1920s.

Jaywalking: Martin Luther King & Booker T Washington

Mark could not get the Martin Luther King quote either. Gisele, a security guard, could not come up with a black supreme court judge, but she did know that Randy Jackson is an American Idol judge.

“Booker T Washington is a high school in Los Angeles,” said a woman, who “thought being black would be good enough” that she did not have to know her history.

The Tonight Show: George Washington Carver & Don King

Jay finally found a man who knew that George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. Back inside, the college girls misidentified Don King as “black Einstein.” They had a dramatic version of the Rosa Parks story as well.

The moral of the story is that if you don’t want to be embarrassed on TV, you should avoid CityWalk or at least stay away from Jay Leno. Happy Black History Month!


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