Tonight Show Headlines: Fighting Ahos, 12 Mile Warranty & Funny Names


Tonight Show: Duck Dynasty

On Monday night, it was time for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show Headlines, including a car with a 12 mile warranty. Later, Jay spoke with the stars of Duck Dynasty.

Jay Leno: Fighting Ahos & Unwanted Family Members

Tonight Show Headlines: Fighting Ahos, 12 Mile Warranty & Funny Names

Jay Leno’s Tonight Show headlines included a story about the Fighting Ahos, a car with a 12-mile warranty, and badly translated restaurant names.


Since reading is on the decline in America, Jay Leno said some of the headlines and stories he has been seeing were not actually very surprising. Let’s take a look.

  • 4.3 quake felt in nine states knocks 14 books off shelf
  • Holidays bring unwanted family members and friends, according to an ad
  • A wine advertisement made a joke about cat pee
  • Buy 1 Get 0 Free sale
  • Rug sale ad with a “murder victim” on the rug
  • “Candidates scurry in search of late votes” at a cemetary
  • Cokato is home of the Fighting Ahos
  • Technology helps artist to play with himself

The Tonight Show: 12 Mile Warranty

The cover of the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual has a photo of a bike on the wrong side of the road. But there were more missteps to be seen.

  • The Chinatown Buffet lets “children 1 and under eat free.”
  • Free 12 month/12 mile warranty at a car dealership

Jay Leno: Funny Restaurant Names

When translating from another language, you might lose some of the original meaning or create an unintentionally funny name.

  • Sukho Thai Asian Fusion Restaurant
  • Khun Dom Thai Restaurant
  • Pho King Way
  • Free Dutch Baby with purchase of any entree
  • Quintuplets born 15 months early
  • A before/after facelift photo showed suspicious results
  • “Will sunscreen protect against nuclear radiation?” a reader asked
  • “Cats may be dropped off in a carrier or pillowcase” for neutering
  • Another before and after picture changed races on an exercise program
  • A home for sale boasted a “great view of the alley”

An advertisement for laser eye surgery featured a doctor wearing glasses. Finally, there was an ad for the Jog-N-Tramp exercise trampoline.

Tonight Show: Headlines Submissions

Send your own headlines to the Tonight Show:

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Submissions are also accepted online via The Tonight Show’s website or Facebook page.


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