Tonight Show: Cruise Victims Association, Special K Recall & Flu App


Tonight Show: Flu App & Cereal Recall

Jay Leno invited Chelsea Handler as his guest for the night. But first, he highlighted the Cruise Victims Association, a Special K recall, and a handy flu app.


Jay Leno: Video Poker Debt

Tonight Show: Cruise Victims Association, Special K Recall & Flu App

On The Tonight Show, Jay Leno talked about the Cruise Victims Association, warned of a Special K recall, and put a new flu app to the test in his office.

A former New Mexico senator revealed that he fathered a child outside his marriage with the daughter of another senator. “When did the Senate become The Jerry Springer Show?” Jay wondered.

A former mayor went broke after supposedly gambling away over $1 billion on video poker. “To be fair, at one point, she was up $300,” he said.


Jesse Jackson Jr pled guilty to misusing campaign funds to buy, among other things, a Rolex watch. If money was no object, what would you want to spend it on? Tell me in the comments.

Tonight Show: Cruise Victims Association

Gas prices are on the rise for the 34th day in a row. Jay said he is going to have to start putting gas on layaway. “Gas is now more valuable than a working toilet on a Carnival Cruise,” Leno said.

The Cruise Victims Association, which apparently exists, reported that 165 people have disappeared at sea in the last 18 years. That’s a more interesting mystery than the overblown drama of an engine room fire on the Triumph, in my book.

Jay Leno: Special K Recall

England’s horse meat scandal continues to unfold. Even Nestle is being accused of using horse meat. “How bad is hot chocolate made with horse meat?” Jay wondered.

Kellogg’s is recalling Red Berry Special K cereal, which could contain glass shards. Leno said they can’t cut you worse than the cereal’s freeze-dried strawberries.

Tonight Show: Help I Have The Flu App Review

British health experts are reporting a huge increase in drug-resistant diseases that could become a world epidemic. Leno said that will be bad news for America’s universal healthcare.

Help I Have The Flu is a new app that searches co-workers’ Facebook updates to help you avoid keywords such as cold and cough to avoid getting sick at work. Jay put it to the test in his own office, and it looked like it worked well.

Jay Leno: So Cal Bear Sightings

Southern California bear sightings are making news in Los Angeles. One news reporter carried an apple with her to attempt to attract a bear. Apparently residents are blaming bear sightings on attractive trash.

Kids who are addicted to TV are more likely to commit crimes, “but only during the commercials,” Leno said. Do kids even watch commercials anymore? I fear they are becoming a lost art.

Tonight Show: American Airlines-US Airways Merger

A former teacher of the year has admitting to having an improper relationship with one of her teenage students. This time it was an honors student, which made Leno wish he had worked harder in school.

American Airlines is advertising their merger with US Airways, and Jay had a commercial for the new combination company. The ad used the scary-but-true tagline “It’s our way or the highway.”


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