Tonight Show Copy Cats Animal Videos: Scottie Pinwheel & Cat Potato


The Tonight Show Copy Cats: Viral Videos

Between YouTube animal videos and the enduring popularity of zoos, animals are a great form of entertainment among Americans. That’s what inspired the Tonight Show Copy Cats segment. Later, Jay welcomed actor J.B. Smoove.

Jay Leno: Scottie Pinwheel Video


Tonight Show Copy Cats Animal Videos: Scottie Pinwheel & Cat Potato

The Tonight Show Copy Cats segment featured animal videos of pets imitating humans, such as the Scottie pinwheel, a cat fumbling a potato, and a goat kick.

“What we don’t realize is, while we’re watching them, animals are watching us,” Leno said. They are picking up our traits and habits, he explained, because they want to emulate our behaviors.

Jay Leno showed a video of the Japanese Olympic synchronized swimming team in competition. According to the Tonight Show, animals watched that performance. In this case, six puppies made a Scottie pinwheel as they drank milk.


Tonight Show: Cat Fumbles Potato Video

A fumble that becomes an opposing team’s touchdown can be a big moment in any game. Since that excites humans, Jay claimed that animals have copied this trick as well. He showed a video of a cat fumbling and then wrestling a potato on a kitchen floor.

The Tonight Show: Fast and the Furious Spider

In a clip from The Fast and the Furious, two drivers rev up their engines before taking off in a street race. This inspired a spider to make a similar sound, which Leno promised was not doctored. In the video, a male spider made engine revving noises in an attempt to attract a mate.

Jay Leno: Goat Flying Kick & Alley Oop

Wrestling schools allow students to learn complex moves such as the flying kick. This move was recreated by one of four baby goats, which kicked over one of its peers in a field.

Then there was an NBA alley oop dunk. That supposedly inspired a cat to dunk a sock into a laundry basket.

Tonight Show: Usual Suspects Animal Parody

In a clip from The Usual Suspects, an actor discovers the identity of the killer and drops his coffee mug to the floor. In a clip, a squirrel dropped his nut when confronted with a predator in the wild.

Doors were invented to give humans privacy, as seen in Arrested Development. Animals are new to the concept of doors, but a viral video showed a cat closing a bathroom door for privacy.

What is the funniest thing your pet has ever done? Do you think animals act like humans, or is it the other way around?


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