Tonight Show: Charlie Sheen Scary Movie 5, Anger Management & Lohan


Tonight Show: Charlie Sheen

From Scary Movie 5 and the FX comedy Anger Management, Charlie Sheen was Jay Leno’s guest on The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno: Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan

Jay called Charlie Sheen “the happiest guy I know.” His series Anger Management featured a guest appearance by Lindsay Lohan.


Tonight Show: Charlie Sheen Scary Movie 5, Anger Management & Lohan

Charlie Sheen told Jay Leno all about working with Lindsay Lohan on his sitcom Anger Management, and whether the tabloid rumors about her are true. (Helga Esteb /

The two worked together on Scary Movie 5, and they both have some media notoriety. She plays herself on the show, where Charlie’s character is a therapist.

Tonight Show: Lindsay Lohan Anger Management

Sheen said that Lohan showed up on time for her first day of shooting. But then day two rolled around, and Lohan blamed her tardiness on an earache. He said that the show was held hostage because they had taped half of her episode already.


What about the rumors that she swiped some jewelry and wardrobe from the show? “It’s true, but it’s not true,” Sheen said.

She did take some items home, but the show told her she could pay for it out of her check, which I guess is what she decided to do.

Jay Leno: Charlie Sheen Cincinnati Reds

With baseball season getting started, Sheen is hopeful for the Cincinnati Reds. He has been tweeting about the team.

Leno read a confusing tweet from Sheen that the actor himself could not decipher. However, Sheen said he would not give up showbiz for his shot in the big leagues.

He also used to collect baseball memorabilia, including a Ted Williams jersey. He ran out of room to display things, and he had to start selling them. But he did hang on to Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring.

Tonight Show: Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men

Sheen said he has been having a great time on his latest project, especially after his unpleasant departure from Two and a Half Men.

“You’re in good company,” Leno said, referring to his impending ouster from NBC.

Charlie said he is glad to have been in on the creative process of his new series, Anger Management. You can watch it Thursday nights on FX, and a future episode features Leno himself.

As for Lohan, she can be seen with Sheen in Scary Movie 5, in theaters April 12 2013.


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