Tonight Show: Brad Paisley, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Sheen & Mike Rice


Tonight Show: Charlie Sheen & Anthony Weiner

Jay Leno talked to his guests, Brad Paisley and Charlie Sheen, before starting the show. In his monologue, he took shots at Anthony Weiner and ex-Rutgers coach Mike Rice.

Jay Leno: Brad Paisley Accidental Racist

Tonight Show: Brad Paisley, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Sheen & Mike Rice

On The Tonight Show, Jay Leno had something to say about everyone from guests Charlie Sheen and Brad Paisley to news figures Anthony Weiner and Mike Rice. (s_bukley /


Backstage before the show, Brad Paisley told Jay Leno that his song, “Accidental Racist,” was written “from a really good place.” He blamed the media for blowing things out of proportion. Good thing Charlie Sheen was also a guest; I’m sure he can tell you what not to do.

Tonight Show: Congress Spring Break

Congress came back from Spring Break this week. It is the opposite of college, because “you screw as many people as you can when you come back from vacation.”

China has issued a warning to North Korea, insisting that they not fire any missiles, at least while we still owe them so much money. Experts predict that a missile could reach Los Angeles, causing tensions to escalate.


Jay Leno: Anthony Weiner & Chair Prank

The Wall Street Journal website has reported that Anthony Weiner is interested in becoming mayor of New York City. Do you think people would vote for him? The paper did not get an email response from the potential candidate, which Jay said was probably for the best, given his history of inappropriate messages.

A YouTube chair prank has been making The Tonight Show staff giggle? A man at a coffee shop disguised himself as a chair and scared anyone who sat down. That’s actually a funny idea, which is more than I can say for the Tonight Show’s doctored video joke.

Tonight Show: Charlie Sheen & Mike Rice

California’s last call could be extended to 4 a.m., from 2 a.m., on the basis that it may increase tourism. The audience liked the idea, but Jay was not particularly on board. He listed celebrities who are likely to support the initiative.

Jay Leno joked that his guest, Charlie Sheen, should add former Rutgers coach Mike Rice to the cast of his Anger Management sitcom.

Brad Paisley was also booked on the show, and he has been in the spotlight for his duet with LL Cool J, “Accidental Racist.” Leno suggested that Paisley and LL could star in an ‘80s buddy comedy.

Jay Leno: Men & Kittens Tumblr

A Tumblr website has been matching up photos of kittens with “hunky male models,” according to Today. Leno wondered about cats that looked like less attractive men, such as Gary Busey, Kim Jong-Un, Steve Buscemi, and Louie Anderson.


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