Tonight Show April Fools Day Pranks: Diaper Pudding & Road Trip Ideas


Tonight Show: April Fools Day Pranks

With April Fools Day coming up in a few days, Jay Leno invited some well-known Internet pranksters to come on the show and share their stories of jokes and tricks.

Jay Leno: April Fools Road Trip Prank


Tonight Show April Fools Day Pranks: Diaper Pudding & Road Trip Ideas

If you need some ideas for April Fools Day Pranks, The Tonight Show shared suggestions from three popular viral videos online, like pudding in a diaper.

First up were Manny and Sabra, who have been married for seven years. They went on a family beach trip, and Manny had the chance to scare his wife on the highway. With a semi truck being towed in front of them and Sabra napping in the front seat, Manny woke her up and yelled that the truck was heading for them.

It was pretty funny, but it was a prank of circumstance. Sabra said that the car ride was very quiet after that incident, but at least the family was awarded with a bottle of No-Doz to keep them awake on the road in the future.


Tonight Show: Shampoo Shower Prank

Arman and Cheyenne from California were the next expert pranksters. They are second cousins, and their prank took place at the swimming pool showers. What happened when Arman decided to prank his second cousin in the pool showers?

Arman squeezed shampoo into Cheyenne’s hair repeatedly while Cheyenne tried to rinse it out. Every time he thought it was gone, more would appear, and he did not realize that his relative was behind him, squeezing in more shampoo during every rinse.

For his trouble, Jay gave Cheyenne the Shower Buddy, an over-the-shoulder contraption with two side mirrors so he could see behind him.

Jay Leno: Pudding Diaper Prank

Last up were Jason and Mark from Pennsylvania. They have been friends for about five years, but that means the pranks just keep getting better.

Jason said that he knew Mark was a germaphobe, and that helped him come up with the perfect prank. Jason prepared a child’s diaper with chocolate pudding, which had Mark screaming and yelling in fear.

To finish the prank, Jason smeared Mark’s hand in it while his friend screamed. Finally, Jason admitted the truth, and Mark said that the prank was not funny. The audience seemed to disagree.

Jay awarded Mark with a yellow hazmat suit to protect himself in any future incidents.


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