The Tonight Show World Vs USA: Most Efficient Tire Changer & Irish Jig


The Tonight Show: World Vs USA

Some say that the United States is not the great country it used to be. But is that really true? To put this thesis to the test, the Tonight show challenged real people to competitions of strength and endurance. Which country has the most efficient tire changer?


Tonight Show: Best Irish Jig

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, the first category was Best Irish Jig. A native Irish dancer was up first, performing a competent jig.

Dancing for America was an enthusiastic youngster, dancing in his baby bouncer. You can never beat a baby, I guess, even in a dance contest.

Jay Leno: Angriest Mail Delivery Guy

The Tonight Show World Vs USA: Most Efficient Tire Changer & Irish Jig

Which country of the world do you think is home to the most efficient tire changer? (Beelde Photography /


Have you run into a hostile postal worker? This time, America went first, as a UPS guy gave the security camera the finger and tossed a package on the porch.

Then a contestant from Russia went next, kicking in the glass door of a building to deliver a little mail. Russia was the winner in this case.

The Tonight Show: Best Indoor Wall Climber

In the juvenile division for Best Indoor Wall Climber, a US girl was up first, climbing like Spider-Woman and making her way across the door opening before coming down the other side.

Then Turkey took over in a viral video, with a boy trying to climb up both sides of a wall. But eventually he was unable to brace himself, because he was not quite tall enough. The USA took this one, because the Turkish boy fell to the floor.

You really have to watch those dismounts if you don’t want to lose points.

Tonight Show: Most Efficient Tire Changer

With NASCAR on America’s side, Jay figured that the category of Most Efficient Tire Changer was in the bag. Those pit crews can change a tire in seconds.

But Saudi Arabia wanted the chance to compete. Someone changed a car tire while it was driving, with the car tilted 90 degrees in the air. Unbelievably, Saudi Arabia took the prize.

Jay Leno: Bravest Reaction To A Snake

Australia went first in the category of bravest reaction to a snake. An older man walked up to a deadly snake and kicked it away.

Then America was up, and four golfers were representing the country. They were not brave at all, swearing and yelling at a prank snake. Australia won in this case, given the category.

The Tonight Show: Best Knockouts

Last up were some stunning knockouts. Thailand had a quality entry, but would they defeat America’s MMA fighters? Since the USA contenders knocked each other out, they took the prize.


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