The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Wheels of Randomness Funny Videos


The Tonight Show: Wheels Of Randomness

Jay Leno filled his comedy segment with some YouTube clips from his Wheels Of Randomness app. Here are the night’s funny finds.

Tonight Show: Seafoam Bus Surprise YouTube

The Wheels of Randomness segment is a video slot machine, as Jay Leno described it. The three random words would combine to produce a YouTube video. The first random selection on the slot machine was Seafoam Bus Surprise.


The clip that came up was a bus driving through sand (or maybe snow), but the surprise came when a car appeared out of the accumulation.

Jay Leno: Night Race Hybrid YouTube

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Wheels of Randomness Funny Videos

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno showcased some hilarious and outrageous viral videos in the show’s Wheels of Randomness segment, including cute animals.


The next Wheels of Randomness combination was Night Race Hybrid. This produced a video of two cars in neutral being raced in a parking lot at night, pushed by competing teams of guys.

Tonight Show: Cup Counter Cute YouTube

A third combination was Cup Counter Cute. What could this produce from the annals of YouTube? This resulted in a saucer containing a tiny kitten, which drew awws from the audience.

Jay Leno: Keyboard Parking Lot Duck

Keyboard Parking Lot Duck was the next combination, which is definitely random. this video featured men throwing keyboards across a parking lot. The “duck” portion came as a bit of a surprise, at least to one of the participants.

The Tonight Show: Dog Bike Chauffeur

There were still more random videos to uncover, so Jay spun again and found the combination Dog Bike Chauffeur. Jay kept trying to predict the videos, which he was not always successful in doing.

This video showed a man giving his dog a ride on the back of his bicycle. That is impressive balance and control for the dog!

Jay Leno: Winter Reporter Censor YouTube

Then it was time for a news report from a foreign news network. While a man was standing in a winter scene, his car sank into the ice behind him.

What do you look for in a favorite YouTube video? Do you like animals, accidents, or some other type of funny clip?


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