The Tonight Show: Pumpcast News Free Gas Giveaway & Gas Money Games


Jay Leno: Tim Stack Comedian

Actor and comedian Tim Stack, who used to host a fake talk show on E! called Night Stand, is now a fake news anchor for The Tonight Show. His assignment was to set up a newsroom at the Burbank Costco gas station for the Pumpcast News candid camera-style game.

Stack said that he often gets confused with Tonight Show guest Bill O’Reilly. It was time for a report on Pumpcast News.


Tonight Show Free Gas: Name That Ikea Item

The Tonight Show: Pumpcast News Free Gas Giveaway & Gas Money Games

The Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News free gas giveaway surprised unsuspecting shoppers with rewards for playing along. How far would you go for free gas?

I guess the way Pumpcast News works is that there are TVs in the gas pumps, and Tim Stack talks to the unsuspecting customers to surprise them on TV. Stack said that he would give one woman $5 for every Ikea product she could name. As she correctly pointed out, the names are all in Swedish; Stack told her to make them up, and she complied, earning $25.


The Tonight Show: NBC Primetime Shows

The gag starts with the news anchor reading a story as a customer begins to pump gas. Then he engages the person in conversation. He chatted with a man and asked him to name NBC primetime shows, for $5 a pop.

The man asked whether he could name classic shows, since he couldn’t think of a single one currently airing on the network in prime time.

Jay Leno: Pumpcast News

Tim Stack’s next mark got to hear a story about the Bone-In Bandit, a suspect stealing steaks from grocery stores, as he gave her physical description, before her own picture flashed on the screen. She did not want to play along, so she quickly finished her transaction and got back in her car.

Tonight Show: Lady Gaga Free Gas

The next contestant had a chance to win free gas by participating in some quick karaoke. Though he said he did not like Lady Gaga, he agreed to sing along in exchange for some free gas.

That begs the question: how far would you go to get some free gas?


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