The Tonight Show: Michigan Deer Viral Video & Coffee-Powered Truck


The Tonight Show: Deer Viral Video

The Tonight Show monologue included news of a coffee-powered truck, cockroaches on a Greyhound bus, Republican recruitment, and the deer viral video from Michigan police.

Tonight Show: Greyhound Bus Cockroaches


The Tonight Show: Michigan Deer Viral Video & Coffee-Powered Truck

The Tonight Show highlighted a deer viral video that is making the rounds, as well as a coffee-powered truck and Republican party recruitment strategies.

The CDC reports that gonorrhea is becoming antibiotic-resistant and may soon be incurable, which might ruin some Spring Break plans.

A Greyhound bus in New York was evacuated after being found to have a cockroach infestation. According to Leno, the cockroaches were on the way home from their Carnival Cruise vacation.


According to a new documentary, Queen Elizabeth never says “hello” or “goodbye.” That is an interesting quirk, like people who never say bye on the phone.

Jay Leno: Coffee-Powered Truck

A man has converted his Ford pickup truck to run on coffee instead of gasoline. Leno seemed to think it costs more to use coffee than gasoline, but that is only if you’re getting it at Starbucks.

Spanx is suing the shapewear company Yummy Tummy for design patent infringement. A doctored Today Show clip let viewers be the judge of what worked and what did not.

The Tonight Show: Republican Party Recruitment

President Obama made his first trip to Israel as president, but he left Joe Biden behind, because “the Jews have suffered enough,” according to Jay.

The Republican Party is working to attract more minorities and other voters in future election cycles. Jay Leno showed a new commercial, in which the GOP reverses its positions on almost every hot button issue they could think of, including a moving sidewalk on the Mexican border.

Tonight Show: Twinkies For Sale

Scientists are getting closer to making Jurassic Park-style cloning advancements, breathing new life into things that are extinct, which means there’s hope for NBC, according to Jay. It’s an interesting day for him to be joking about that, since he could soon be out of a job.

The sale of Twinkies has been approved, and the snack foods will be back on store shelves by summer. At least no one will have to turn to sugar to feed their cravings.

In a potentially related study, processed food and junk food can contribute to violent or aggressive behavior. Maybe we should all start our own gardens instead.

Jay Leno: Michigan Deer Viral Video

A video has gone viral after a Michigan man reportedly hit a deer and put it in the trunk of his car. But it turned out the deer survived, and it surprised the police when they opened the car trunk. Using footage from the new Halle Berry movie The Call, Leno joked that the deer called police for help.

The former voice of Elmo is facing more legal trouble, this time being accused of luring an underage boy into abusing drugs and other illicit activities. Jay said that meth would explain why Elmo was always so jittery.


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