The Tonight Show: Magic Clerk Valentine Surprises & Secret Admirer


Tonight Show: Magic Clerk

Jay Leno sent magician Michael Carbonaro back undercover as a Magic Clerk at a convenience store to wow unsuspecting customers. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the tricks involved magic hearts.

He made a heart appear on his shirt, and then he popped back up with a shirt featuring over a dozen hearts. The confused customer suggested that maybe his lack of affection was at the heart of his recent breakup, but I think she was concerned enough about her vision to want to get away in a hurry.


Jay Leno Magic Clerk: Valentine’s Day

The Tonight Show: Magic Clerk Valentine Surprises & Secret Admirer

Magic Clerk Michael Carbonaro returned to the Tonight Show with holiday-themed Valentine surprises for unsuspecting convenience store customers.

Later, he showed someone a taxidermied frog, and asked a female customer whether she thought it was creepy. He explained that it was a joke, because his girlfriend called him a frog, not a prince.


The woman suggested putting the ring in the frog’s mouth. But when he spilled a drink on the counter and cleaned it up, a live frog suddenly appeared, and yet another customer made a hasty exit.

Tonight Show Magic Clerk: Secret Admirer

The next woman, Laurie, was told that she had a secret admirer who wanted to pay for her purchases in honor of Valentine’s Day. He even presented her with a personalized card mentioning her name and purchase. She was baffled. How could you not be?

Then came a mom with two teenage children. Michael showed a Butterfly Kisses chocolate candy that contained a live butterfly. “They put a caterpillar inside of a hollow heart,” he explained as the butterfly flew away.

Jay Leno: Magic Clerk Valentine Surprises

Next was a woman who was told she won a Valentine’s Day prize. Marian was the lucky woman, and her Valentine’s name was Herbie. From the top of a shelf, he pulled down custom bears with the right names on them.

The Tonight Show does a lot more magic segments these days than I remembered from years past, but at least this one did not involve any math.


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