The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Survey Says & Fake Friends Survey Prank


Jay Leno: Survey Says

For his next trick, Jay Leno sent a few of his writers to the Santa Monica Pier for a social experiment. Writers Jim, Mark, and Anthony had Candace Brown collect information from people in Survey Says.


The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Survey Says & Fake Friends Survey Prank

How far would you go for someone you thought might be your friend? That was the premise of Jay Leno’s Survey Says prank on The Tonight Show.

Then the men used the survey information to trick the respondents into thinking they knew each other. How far would people go for people they thought were friends?

Tonight Show: Fake Friends Survey Prank

The pitch is simple: a 30-second survey for a $20 shopping gift card. The first mark told the survey taker that he once worked at the Purple Parrot restaurant.


Then a writer swooped in and pretended to recognize the man as a server from the restaurant. With the initial connection made, the writer asked him to provide an alibi to his social worker, who was played by another writer in on the scam.

The Tonight Show: Would You Lie For A Friend?

The stranger went along with the gag, even claiming that they had been shopping together. I guess that would be a good dude to have on your side if you needed a friend, but these situations have to be awkward.

Next, a man named David took the survey and revealed where he went to college. It wasn’t long before one of the writers and the actress portrayed a couple and ran into Dave, whom they said they knew from college.

Jay Leno: Could You Lie For A Stranger?

Then another woman entered the picture, calling and pretending to be the writer’s wife. He said that he needed David to play along and pretend to be his co-worker, since he was on a date with his girlfriend.

Once again, the complete stranger went along and provided the writer with a lie and an alibi.

Tonight Show: Fake College Friends Video

Then there was another male victim who was approached by a writer pretending to be a college classmate. This guy let the writer take his picture, and agreed to be in a series of joke videos for his girlfriend. He even ended up taking his shirt off.

It’s interesting that there were not any women featured in the segment. Would they be as apt to lie and deceive others as the male marks were in this situation?


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