The Tonight Show Headlines: Easter Egg Hunt & Church Knife Throwing


The Tonight Show: Church Knife Throwing Headlines

Religious themes were present in many headlines this week on The Tonight Show, which is appropriate since it is Passover and Easter this time of year. Find out what other hilarious headlines made Jay Leno chuckle.

Jay Leno: Brain-Eating Amoeba Headlines & God’s Love

  • Brain-eating amoeba in Tucson water supply not a health risk
  • Rally against apathy draws small crowd
  • Angles are a sign of God’s love for us
  • “The toilets at the…fairgrounds stopped working after 160 people had eaten a chili dinner.”

The Tonight Show Headlines: Easter Egg Hunt & Church Knife Throwing

With Easter and Passover this week, it was appropriate that The Tonight Show Headlines featured religious-themed stories like church knife throwing.

A headline said “Downtown streets bustling in Umatilla,” but there is no traffic to be seen.

The Tonight Show: Cinco De Mayo 2013

I don’t know about some of these offers from businesses and companies who were singled out on the show.

  • Drive Thru Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Free Handshake coupon
  • Belvedere Authentic Polish Cousin
  • Free Fried Green Bean With Purchase of 2 Entrees
  • Cinco de Mayo – May 4th
  • Ladies Bendover Pants – Good Condition

Jay Leno: Easter Egg Hunt Photo

Have you seen any wacky headlines or news stories lately? You know there are always some good ones being sent in for The Tonight Show.

In one, a photo caption about an Easter Egg Hunt was misplaced with a picture of a bleeding woman being seen by authorities.

Elsewhere, high school band members raised money for a trip to New Orleans to perform at “Marty Graw.”

The Tonight Show: Mexican Flavored Water

  • Fiesta on the lawn – featuring Mexican flavored water
  • Scientists warn male infertility can be passed on
  • Botox for the Homeless

Jay Leno: Princeton Review Typo & Church Knife Throwing

The Princeton Review advertised for classes to prepare students for test taking, with the headline “Longer, Stronger, Beter.”

A flashlight pen claimed to make writing in the dark easier, but the light was pointing in the wrong direction. Another advertisement promoted a man who would be throwing knives at a pastor during a church service.

A badly Photoshopped baby was missing part of its ear, and the headline wondered, “Why is my baby crying?”


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