The Tonight Show: Good Dancer Bad Dancer Jaywalking & France Vs US


Tonight Show: Jaywalking

Since Dancing With The Stars is back on the air for a new season, Jay Leno decided it was time to democratize the popular show. His idea was to let real people show off their moves. This was an audience participation version of Jaywalking, because viewers were supposed to guess on sight whether people would turn out to be good dancers or bad dancers.

Jay Leno: Good Dancer Bad Dancer

The Tonight Show: Good Dancer Bad Dancer Jaywalking & France Vs US

Jay Leno did a Good Dancer Bad Dancer edition of Jaywalking, asking the audience to guess whether random people would be able to show off dance moves.


Kenny, the first participant, was a high school senior who admitted to watching dancing shows on TV. He is a soccer star, and he was confident in his dance moves. I’m going to go ahead and say he was a bad dancer. I’m not sure who is deciding this, but he gets points for trying.

Tonight Show: Jaywalking Good Dancers

Brian, a single TV producer, admitted that he uses his gig to impress women. He prefers a restaurant over a dance club. The audience guessed he would be a good dancer, and he certainly had the Robot down. He also had some good break dancing moves.

Jay Leno: Brittlynn Bad Dancer

Brittlynn from Colorado said that she was most likely to choose a dance club as the place to go on a date. She wanted to find a date who was a good dancer, and the audience reaction was mixed.


She was a pretty terrible dancer. I’m not sure whether she was just nervous, or if she really can’t dance, but things did not go well for her.

Tonight Show: French Vs American Dancers

Louise from France said that American men are better dancers. She called French guys “stuck up.” But she said being a dancer was not a deal breaker.

She could back up her statements, because she had at least a few moves. But Leno couldn’t help himself and had to hit on her a few times.

Jay Leno: Good Dancer Bad Dancer Jaywalking

Leonard, an older gentleman, said that he learned some dance moves growing up in the Boy Scouts. We were definitely supposed to think he was a bad dancer. I would call his movements enthusiastic and maybe spritely. He was definitely in great shape as well. I would be out of breath if I tried to jump around like that.

I guess the point is you can never tell whether someone can dance just by looking at him or her.


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