The Tonight Show: Golden Gate Bridge Tolls & Posh Quits Spice Girls


Tonight Show: Golden Gate Bridge & North Korea

Jay Leno’s monologue included a potential threat from North Korea, the Supreme Court on gay marriage, and the end of an era for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jay Leno: North Korea Threat


North Korea is threatening war on the United States, for which Jay Leno blames Dennis Rodman. The country claims it can launch missiles and has threatened total annihilation.

To demonstrate why he is not scared, Leno compared photographs of the US military command center, compared to that of North Korea.

Tonight Show: Gay Marriage Supreme Court

The Tonight Show: Golden Gate Bridge Tolls & Posh Quits Spice Girls

The Tonight Show shared a milestone affecting San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and explained that Posh has announced she’s quitting the Spice Girls.


Gay marriage went before the Supreme Court, and Leno said the next big thing will be Donald Trump’s attempt to marry himself. Rob Reiner is following the proceedings and plans to make a movie about Prop 8.

Ashley Judd has decided not to run for Senate against Mitch McConnell. How do you feel about celebrities transitioning into politics?

Jay Leno: Golden Gate Bridge Toll

The final human toll taker at the Golden Gate Bridge has been let go and replaced by an automated system. Leno said that the bridge is not a great place to fire someone.

This week, we learned that more people have working cell phones than working toilets, which means we should not complain about dropping our phones in the toilet, according to The Tonight Show.

Tonight Show: Salad Vs Hamburgers Health

In Pennsylvania, a man has been charged with attempting to hunt for deer in a Walmart parking lot. He was charged with reckless endangerment, but Jay said he is just a redneck.

A New York food expert thinks salad is more dangerous than a hamburger, because of the bacteria risk. You could always try a deep-fried salad, Leno said.

Jay Leno: Easter Jelly Beans

Why is it OK for Easter candy like jelly beans to be unwrapped, as compared to other candies? Jay Leno doesn’t know either, and he didn’t even come up with a joke about it. It was more of a simple observation.

Pope Francis reportedly turned down the pope’s apartment at the Vatican in favor of more modest accommodations. But he did still need a second bedroom in which “to hang his hat.”

Tonight Show: Monsignor Meth

A priest pled guilty this week to manufacturing and selling $300,00 in meth. What clues would you even look for if you suspected a spiritual leader was selling drugs? He had the nickname Monsignor Meth…I guess that might have been a tip-off.

Prince Harry is traveling to New Jersey, and according to doctored news footage, Chris Christie will be keeping him out of trouble…unless they have too many beers.

Jay Leno: Posh Spice Quits Spice Girls

Amanda Knox is being put on trial once again in Italy, which is too bad. I don’t know why news stories like that even make the monologue.

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, has announced she was leaving the Spice Girls. Did you know they were still together?


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