The Tonight Show: Febreze Warning & Atlanta Public Schools Cheating


Jay Leno: You’ve Been Warned

The USDA is considering more detailed package labeling on meat sold in stores. What if all manufacturers started being more descriptive on their labels? That’s the inspiration for the Tonight Show segment You’ve Been Warned, featuring everything from Kale Chips to Atlanta public schools.

The Tonight Show: Febreze Warning

Tonight Show: US Border Patrol & Atlanta Public Schools Cheating

For his You’ve Been Warned segment, Jay Leno shared warnings about everything from Febreze and Atlanta public schools to Kale Chips and the US-Mexico border.


Febreze has been on the market for years, and it can do great things around the house. However, the warning on this one from Jay read: “Will not mask smell of pot enough to fool moms, dads, or drug sniffing dogs.”

Tonight Show: Kale Chips Review

Kale is a “trendy vegetable,” according to Leno. He showed off some Kale Chips from Trader Joe’s, and of course these had to come with a warning as well: “these taste so bad, I bet you can’t even eat one.”

Jay Leno: Atlanta Public Schools Cheating

Atlanta teachers got busted helping students cheat on standardized tests to help boost students’ scores and get more school funding. Thus, Leno proposed that their diplomas now come with a warning: “children who graduate from Atlanta Public Schools may appear much smarter than they actually are.”


The Tonight Show: Fleet Enema Warning

What about the Fleet Enema? You would think that people would follow the instructions to the letter. But The Tonight Show issued a new warning about the product. Maybe it’s more of a contraindication: “not to be used in conjunction with Taco Bell because you will dehydrate and your head will cave in.”

Tonight Show: The Following Warning

In the new Fox drama The Following, Kevin Bacon plays an escaped serial killer/cult leader. The show now carries a warning to help out confused viewers:

“The FBI agents depicted in The Following in no way represent real FBI agents. Real FBI agents are not bumbling imbeciles, and they would be able to locate an entire community of serial killers living in a giant mansion within hours. Enjoy the show.”

Jay Leno: Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka Warning

Every time you turn around, there is a new flavored vodka. Now Smirnoff has a marshmallow flavor. But be careful: “telling the police you ate a bunch of S’mores will not help you avoid a DUI.”

The Tonight Show: US Border Warning

What about US border security? Maybe a warning could do the trick: “Don’t waste your time. There are more jobs in Mexico right now.”

Tonight Show: Samoa Air Warning

Samoa Air, which wants to sell airfare based on passengers’ weight, has attracted headlines lately. Film director Kevin Smith said he supported this, because he would be “the littlest man on the plane” on a Samoa flight.


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