The Tonight Show: College Textbook Prices & Neiman Marcus FTC FInes


The Tonight Show: Textbook Costs & Chris Masters

Jay Leno’s monologue recounted the story of Chris Masters uprooting a tree, President Obama getting heckled in Israel, and the continual rise of college textbook prices.

Tonight Show: Chris Masters Uproots Tree


How are you doing in your March Madness bracket? Jay Leno referenced his own March Madness, with all the rumors about his future at The Tonight Show in the press recently.

The Tonight Show: College Textbook Prices & Neiman Marcus FTC FInes

Jay Leno had the latest on ever-increasing college textbook prices, the story of ex-wrestler Chris Masters uprooting a tree, and Neiman Marcus FTC fines.

Former WWE wrestler Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters has been called a hero for uprooting a tree and using it as a battering ram to save his mother, whose house was on fire. Jay said this was an example of the good that can come from using steroids.


History Channel’s The Bible has been under fire because the actor playing the devil supposedly looks like President Barack Obama. Leno wondered how that is different from Fox News calling Obama the devil on a daily basis.

Jay Leno: President Obama Heckled

Michele Bachmann is criticizing President Obama’s supposed lavish lifestyle. But Leno said it isn’t true that the Obamas pay a dog walker, because Joe Biden does that chore for free.

Obama was heckled at a speech in Israel. At least according to Leno’s footage, the heckler was Donald Trump.

Republicans are reaching out to attract more minorities to the party with what Jay called Operation: Pretend We Like ‘Em.

The Tonight Show: Neiman Marcus FTC Fines

In Florida, petitioners are campaigning to get medical marijuana legalized in the state. Leno’s fear was that this would only lead to seniors driving more slowly.

Neiman Marcus has been fined by the Federal Trade Commission for using real fur instead of fake fur. Jay wondered if the Olive Garden ever accidentally serves authentic Italian food.

A new blend of coffee supposedly has 200 times the caffeine of regular coffee. Jay said the brand is called Tweeker’s Choice and is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi.

Tonight Show: College Textbook Prices

National Geographic has a new TV show chronicling people’s last days before dying. Maybe the shot at 15 minutes of fame will soften the blow for people who are passing away.

Insomnia has been linked to weight gain yet again, which gives people something else to worry about as they lie awake.

College textbook prices are on the rise about 6% every year. Have you noticed that they also put out new editions of the books almost every year?

Jay Leno: Hispanic Americans

About 1/6 of Americans are now Hispanic, according to a new survey. Maybe that’s part of the reason that Univision is beating NBC in the ratings.

Justin Bieber is reportedly growing a mustache, but how would we know?

In a viral video, Jay showed a man attempting to launch a toy rocket. It did not go according to plan, and the rocket barely made it a few feet off its launching pad.


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