The Tonight Show: Cannibal Marshmallows & Jimmy Fallon Headlines?


Tonight Show Headlines

What silly stories, typos, and poor word choices were making Headlines at the Tonight Show? Here is a roundup of some of the funnier headlines, advertisements, and captions featured on the show. Plus, is a Jimmy Fallon Headlines segment in The Tonight Show’s future?

Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Headlines?

Every Monday for years, Jay Leno has shown the best and worst that newspapers around the country have had to offer in this segment. What do you think is going to happen to the franchise once Leno leaves Tonight in 2014?


When David Letterman left NBC, the network claimed it owned his bits and characters. Do you think Jay will pass his bits on to Jimmy Fallon, or would he want to use them on a new show?

Are segments like Headlines too different from Fallon’s humor? Would he even want to have access to them?

Jay Leno Headlines: Geography Bee & Easter Bunny


The Tonight Show: Cannibal Marshmallows & Jimmy Fallon Headlines?

The Tonight Show’s weekly headlines segment featured a disturbing illustration about cannibal marshmallows with a story about S’mores.

  • Overall, serious crime rate down – But arsons, burglaries, homicides up
  • Studernts compete in annual Geograophy Bee
  • A special 2 for $69 gift sale repeated its offer later in the ad
  • A “Brunch with the Easter Bunny” photo showed a young girl approaching a lion
  • 2013-2014 Vacancy: Kindergarten Teacher – Hussey
  • A ham special advertised that it was “Not left over from Christmas”

Tonight Show: Alice In Wonderland & Pukka-Pies

  • Workers hustle to make deadlines on Thursday afternoon…for the first game to be played tonight
  • Optimism may not be worth it, study says
  • An Alice in Wonderland photograph featured a phallic tale on the Cheshire Cat
  • City plans its first dog park, archery range
  • A man asked about the pope had a seemingly uninformed opinion on the new guy
  • Pukka-Pies was the unappetizing name for a puff pastry product

The Tonight Show: Anti-Theft & Cannibal Marshmallows Headlines

  • Bill cracks down on worthless Czechs
  • A newspaper photo of spelling bee contestants cut off a tall speller’s head
  • Make it fun! Learn how to play with yourself
  • Idea for anti-theft device may have been stolen
  • Three cannibal marshmallows roasted another in an illustration about S’mores
  • Jay didn’t like the name of the Ima Hogg Young Artist Competition
  • A classified ad for a Zenith 24” TV featured a photo of a toilet


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